Yvonne Came

Yvonne Schürer, a Swiss Adlerian, and her husband, Heinz, came to Japan on September 30. They stay in Japan until November 15, and will have workshops in various parts of Japan and give a lecture at the Congress of the Japanese Society of Adlerian Psychology.

I took them to Sumiyoshi Shrine, which was one of the main shrines of Osaka. I asked the goddess of the shrine to protect them during their stay. The goddess is the soul of Empress Jingu, whose real name was Okinaga Tarashi Hime and lived 170 to 269, C.E. She was an enormously brave lady and fought with Korea with the navy. I think the goddess must be the best divine who protects our heroine.

I find that they are very active persons. They visited Kyoto by themselves, went to Noh, the Japanese medieval opera, explored the city center of Osaka, and plan to go to Nara. She says that she was an ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) child when she was at the elementary school. I can believe it. Heinz, on the contrary, is a very calm gentleman. In many aspects they are different, but I am glad to observe they respect each other in an Adlerian way.

The only thing I am afraid is that they like salty taste. They put salt or soybean sauce in everything they eat. Someday I will measure their blood pressure.