A Dinner with Young Friends

I went to Takamatsu City for the basic course of Adlerian Psychology. Takamatsu is a beautiful port city in Shikoku Island. To get there from Osaka, it takes two and half hours by train or three and half hours by bus. As there are two big bridges between Honshu Island, where Osaka is, and Shikoku Island, we do not need to take ship.

The first day of the lecture began at two o’clock in the afternoon and was over at eight o’clock. After the lecture, a participant, who had been with me at ICASSI 2008 in Györ, Hungary, asked me to go to dinner with some other participants. She telephoned her husband and suggested to join us. At the parking lot of a restaurant, we met together. There came her two children with her husband.

I knew the children at ICASSI, and they remembered me well. We went to the restaurant hand in hand. In the restaurant I talked a lot with them. Because my daughters do not marry, I have no grandchild. It was not so bad to play with children for a while. I will be tired very much, however, if I have to be with them every day. I said so to their mother, and she agreed with me, saying, “I do not recommend it, too.”

She is from Bulgaria. She is very good at Japanese, and she understands the difficult lecture which is full of technical terms. She also speaks with her children only in Japanese. She said she did not teach them her mother language. I think she had better teach it to them. I am sure the children will come to understand better not only their mother but also their grandmother country. There may be a side effect; their father may be jealous of his wife talking with the children in the language that he does not know.