The National Flag

I participated in a demonstration. In Japan, for long, demonstrators have raised the red flag of the Communist, but in this demonstration, we gathered under the Japanese National Flag. At school and in the mass media, the National Flag and the National Anthem were taught to be symbols of militarism. After the Greater East Asia War, GHQ-SCAP (General Headquarters, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers) forced this idea on us, and Communists inherited it. Communists occupied Japanese education and media, and controlled information overtly and covertly. Recently, the situation is changing. The Internet is the key to open the door.

The first demonstration with the national flag was held in Nagano in April 26, 2008. The torch relay for Beijin Olympic was performed there. On the Internet, a demonstration was planned to protest about the Chinese persecution to Tibet. Some hundred people came to Nagano and raised Tibetan flags with Japanese ones. Many, perhaps five thousand, Chinese came there with their own national flags. They often hit and kicked Japanese demonstrators, but policemen closed their eyes and ignored the violence. This tragedy was immediately reported on the Internet, although no mass media touched it. Japanese patriotism revived after a long interval of 63 years.

In this April, NHK (The National Broadcasting Station) provided a severely deviated documentary program about the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. In it, they reported that the Taiwanese were terribly discriminated and persecuted by the Japanese, introducing some testimonies by old people of Taiwan. It was a member of “Friends of Lee Teng-Hui Association in Japan” who noticed the lie. He knew some of the informants. He could not think that they would say such anti-Japanese things. He telephoned them and found that only a small part of interviews had adopted according to the intention of the producing staff, who were, perhaps, under the strong influence of the Chinese Communist Party. The Association introduced the fact on the Internet. Reading it, a satellite TV station dispatched a reporter to Taiwan, and he interviewed all the people who had appeared in the program. The truth was disclosed. The National Station told incredible lies to deceive people. The satellite station broadcasted all of interviews they gathered, and, at the same time, released on the Internet. Explosive arguments happened. As a conclusion, demonstrations were organized in many cities in Japan.

For two hours in the afternoon of Saturday, four hundred people walked in the center of the city to the Osaka office of the National Broadcasting Station. With many Japanese national flags, flags of Independent Taiwan, East Turkestan and Tibet flattered beautiflly on the party. It was so impressive an event. The censorship of many years was not able to destroy our natural patriotism.

In the near future, the Liberal Democratic Party will lose their seats in the House of Representatives, and hand over the government to the Democratic Party. The latter is anti-Japan. Can you believe this contradiction that a Japanese political party is anti-Japan? Actually, the boss of the party recently commented, “Japan is not a country only for the Japanese.” I will have many opportunities to raise our national flag.