Akita is in Tôhoku area. Tôhoku literally means “Northeast”. Actually it is located in the northeast area of Japan. People there are rather conservative and reluctant to adopt new things. Adlerian Psychology is not an exception. Tôhoku is still a frontier. Fortunately, in Akita, there are active people who manage a study group. Some Adlerians in Tokyo area often visited there to help them.

They invited me for a three-day workshop for Adlerian Psychology and spirituality. At first, I ask participants to draw a picture about their present problems. Next, I ask them to draw another picture about their early memories. Then, I ask them to discuss with each other and find the common structure between the past and the present.

The second day was for individual sessions. After listening to and analyzing a participant’s present problem and early memory, I asked him/her, “Who is your god?” Many of them answered, “my ancestors”, and some said, “Buddha”. No Christian attended this time by chance. Then I asked him/her, “What does your god say about your Life-Style?” Usually, the participant gave me an excellent answer with full Social Interest.

This method is named “Vipassana Counseling”. Unfortunately, I do not invent this. I found a paper somebody had written in English, perhaps on an Adlerian journal. Sorry to say, I have faggoten where was the original paper. I must search and find it as I want to write a paper on this method.