Dissolution of the Nation

The other day, Alfred Adler appeared in my dream and said; “Jalsha, as you know, isolated ‘I’ is an illusion, and, now you should learn, isolated ‘I and thou’ are also. You need another person who listens to you.” He wore white robe holding a wooden stick in his hand like an Indian saint. A dream is always ridiculous, but always has some truth.

I have a lot of talk with Japanese Adlerian friends. The conversation is closed, however, because it is held in the Japanese language. I decided to write this English blog again. I do not know who read this, but, at least, I open a small window to those who are willing to listen to me.

I was very busy from last August, when the Democratic Party took over the Japanese Government after the Lower House election. Mr. Hatoyama, the ex-Prime Minister, was so “loopy” that he made an enormous amount of mistakes both in the domestic and foreign affairs. The most surprising words he said were; “Japan is not a country only for the Japanese.” He also said, “I cannot understand what the nation is.”

Fortunately, in this June, he resigned his position, and Mr. Kan, who was an activist in the Student War in 1970’s, succeeded. Nanae Shiono, a famous essayist, described Hatoyama’s months as “a nightmare”, but the situation is getting worse under Kan’s hegemony. He is called “Cunning Kan”. He is a masked Marxist. I am afraid that he is going to destroy all the good old things of Japan.

It is worse than the change in the administration that mass media stand for the Democratic Party and do not report its evil conspiracies. The editorial staffs of newspapers are also hidden Marxists. Almost all the newspapers are “Pravda” or “The People’s Daily” today. As a consequence, most of people do not know what is going on. The Democratic Party is going to introduce bills like “The Act of Voting Right of Foreigners”, “The Act of Separation Family Names between Husband and Wife”, and “The Human Rights Act”. Each of them intends to destroy Japanese traditions. Those bills are decorated by “politically correct” words, and, without detail explanation, nobody can understand their dangerous nature. Newspapers even do not write their names, or, if they write something, beautiful words dance on the articles without essential meanings.

I hate to write about this shameful situation of my beloved country in English. At the same time, I hate to write something neutral with hypocritical smile. This is the reason I stopped writing.

Recently, I attended ICASSI 2010 in Romania, and participated Zivit Abramson’s course, “Democracy and Social Equality”. There I could get some basic ideas how to deal with Marxism. Marxists are “verticalist”. They define themselves as “the weak”, and try to put down “the strong” who are supposed to be superior to them. Once, in Bolshevik time, they used direct violence, but, recently, they became cleverer enough to use much subtler tricks.

Somebody says that dissolution of the nation is proceeding. I do not want to report by “relay from the spot”. I will do what I can do as an Adlerian. I may write political issues often, but please forgive me.