A Wedding Party

One of my nieces got married. She is the second daughter of my younger brother. The bridegroom is a policeman.

They had a wedding party in a hotel in Osaka. At first there was a wedding ceremony in a Christian chapel in the hotel. Recently, many couples hold a Christian wedding ceremony, even if they are not Christians. We celebrate the birth of a new child in a ceremony of the Shinto, wedding ceremony is often in a Christian style, and the funeral is usually in a style of the Buddhism. What confusion! I am not sure whether this is religious tolerance or atheistic contamination.

After the ceremony, they had a big party. Many relatives and friends of the bride and the bridegroom came. Usually the parents of the both family pay for everything. It must be enormously expensive. My brother is not so rich that he must be suffered so much. Once a wedding party was not so gorgeous. It becomes more and more showy and costs a lot. This is not a good custom, I think.

I gave a speech as a representative of relatives. Before me, a detective director, who was a bridegroom’s boss, gave an extremely boring speech. I tried to entertain people, but bridegroom’s friends were already drunk and did not hear me. That is okay. Anyway, nobody will remember this kind of story.

At the end of the party, the bride and her elder sister played koto, the Japanese harp. The full moon rises in the sky and the music was so beautiful. I wish the couple to be happy for life long.