Counselor Training

We provide the “Counselor Training Course” once a year in summer. Before participate it, you must finish two kinds of “Basic Courses” of Adlerian Psychology. One is about the basic theory and the other is about the application. After that, you should practice Adlerian Psychology in your daily life at least a year. After an interview with a training analyst, you will be permitted to participate the Counselor Training Course.

This year, nine people came from all over Japan to Osaka. The first half was from Thursday, August 20 to Sunday, August 23, and the second half was from Thursday, August 27 to Sunday, August 30. Almost all the session time is used for pair training. Short counseling sessions by participants are videotaped, and training analysts give comments.

In the second week, a practical examination is performed. The participant can challenge the examination again and again if he/she fails, as far as the time permits it. Unfortunately, this year, only one person passed the examination after all. After obtaining the qualification, at least two years of clinical experiences and fifteen cases of supervision are required to take an examination for the psychotherapist. Now there are five Adlerian psychotherapists and sixty Adlerian counselors in Japan.