Slow but Steady…

Yesterday and today I held the latter half of the basic course of Adlerian Psychology. 25 people attended the course. From 20 to 50 people come to each course, and usually we have the course from twice to four times a year. In total, around 100 people take it every year.

The problem is that the most of students are non-professional. There are clinical psychology departments in colleges and universities, and there are a lot of students. However, the mainstream in Japan is Jungian or Rogerian Psychology. As a result, Adlerian Psychology is not so attractive to inexperienced students. When they graduate and begin to work, they notice that the method they learned at school is not so effective. However, at that time, they are too busy to come to us.

Anyway, both professionals and non-professionals learn together in the basic course. I think this is a very good system. There is another basic course in which they learn the application for daily life, while my course is about the basic theory. After these two courses, for professionals, there is a course to learn the theory and technique of counseling and psychotherapy, and for non-professionals, there is another course to be a leader of the parent study group. A Western proverb says: Slow but steady, win the race. Adlerians of good quality are growing up here, even not many.